Following feedback from users of the household recycling centres at Lynnbottom and Afton Marsh, the Isle of Wight Council, in partnership with Amey, has reviewed the guidance previously issued leading up to the changes in access rules at sites that are due to take effect from today (5 June.)

The following amendment has now been made for users that wish to bring their household recycling or waste to the household recycling centres in vehicles with trailers.

From 5 June, vehicles towing a trailer with an overall vehicle + trailer length of 7.7m (approx. 25ft) or less will continue to be permitted to use the facilities as normal regardless of the length of trailer.

Any vehicles with trailers with a combined length over 7.7m (approx. 25ft) will not be permitted to use the household recycling centres.

The household recycling centres site rules are in place improve health and safety, reduce waiting times at the recycling centres and reduce congestion during busy times.

Isle of Wight Council cabinet member responsible for procurement, waste management, special projects and forward planning, Councillor Michael Murwill, said: “With over 200,000 visits by members of the public each year, to Lynnbottom recycling centre alone, it is important that the council and Amey take consideration of the safety of all users, public and staff. This includes ensuring safe vehicle movements and reducing queuing.

“Following a review of the site rules, this revised position will still enable us to make sure that safety is paramount and that users will still be able to access the sites safely.”